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timber and masonry repair timber and masonry repair timber and masonry repair timber and masonry repair
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Welcome to Rotafix.

Rotafix are pioneers and specialists in the structural repair of timber and masonry. Members of our Technical Team are here to share their experience with you, assisting you in overcoming structural challenges.

We provide solutions to simple and complex structural repairs, as well as bonding and coating projects across the globe. We work closely with architects, structural engineers and contractors on heritage and historic buildings as well as on new construction projects.

We have developed a comprehensive range of adhesives, grouts, fillers and ancillary methods and materials that have been extensively tested by universities and users, so you can confidently rely on our products and our systems.

Of particular interest in overcrowded London are our Basement Waterproofing products.

Feel free to browse our site. It contains a wealth of information about our approach, our products and how our low disturbance preservation methods can save you and your organisation time and money.

We pride ourselves on the accessibility and competence of our technical team, so if you have a project and need help or advice, then do not hesitate first phone or email us right now on. One of our expert team members will respond and then determine how best to support you and your project team.

Thank you for your interest in Rotafix.

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